Domestic Other Rooms

Plenty of other areas in your home benefit from tiles. High traffic areas such as entrance halls and hallways being one of them as tiles are hard wearing and easy to clean. In these areas they are often the first thing someone sees when entering your house, so why not make them a little more easy on the eye as well as practical? It does not cost the earth to do something a little different, maybe a pattern or traditional border to compliment an inexpensive tile could be the answer to that busy entrance of the family home. Conservatories and orangeries are also great spaces that usually back onto a garden, often a multi – functioning room where a hard wearing floor covering is most suitable. We have a range of designs to suit these additional spaces. Tiling whole ground floor areas is becoming more and more common, and due to underfloor heating you no longer need to live in a hot European country to enjoy the benefits of having one. Tiling large areas like this will also really open up your areas, making you home feel much more spacious (and easier to clean!). Other areas include swimming pools, garages and home office spaces. We have a tile and tiler for them all.

Our Other Room Work